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Jazz Faculty

Kellen myers

Jazz Piano

Kellen Myers is a musician and composer based out of the Quad Cities. Born in Davenport, his rich harmonious and rhythmically captivating playing make him a top call artist in the area and beyond. His wide array of styles and experience range from classical, to jazz, to contemporary music. His teaching philosophy is custom to each student, teaching in the best way(s) the student learns, whether visually, aurally, or however else. By crafting each lesson to the individual needs of the student, he will both captivate and grow on their strengths, as well as address weaker areas of the student in a rigorous yet friendly environment. As a Jazz student of his, you will learn first hand of this true and beautiful art form and artistic medium of performing and composing simultaneously through means of improvisation, transcribing, (Jazz) history/theory, and real world musical examples from both performing and listening, all in an extremely fun yet worthwhile environment. READ MORE


richard wagor

Bass, in-person or hybrid

Double bassist and electric bassist Richard Wagor currently resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Richard, in earning his BA in music from the University of Iowa and a MM from Manhattan School of Music, has worked with various teachers including Eldon Obrecht, Diana Gannett, Homer Mensch, and Robert Kassinger. Richard has also performed in a wide variety of professional settings. Richard has played orchestrally as a member of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Principal Bass in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony, and both Principal Bass and assistant principal bass in the Dubuque Symphony...READ MORE

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