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Piano, in-person

Colin Evers has been teaching piano in the Quad Cities since his time as an undergraduate of St. Ambrose University. Upon earning his Bachelor of Arts, he attended the University of Northern Iowa, where he received full tuition scholarship and graduate assistantship. Colin graduated with a Master's degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from UNI this past spring, and has since returned to Davenport where he plans to continue instructing pianists. He is passionate about teaching and inspiring his students to love music!

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Madelynn doucette

Piano, in-person

Madelynn is a pianist and oboist in the Quad City area. Growing up in Moline, she studied both instruments and was involved in many extracurriculars for each one. When it came to university, she knew she wanted to continue studying both instruments with the same intensity. Mady is currently completing her degree at the University of Iowa where, along with major-level lessons in both instruments, she has enjoyed being involved in chamber music and large ensembles. Outside of the university setting, Mady has supplemented her studies with intensive summer music festivals in Iowa, Colorado, Tennessee, and Italy. Her most recent teachers include Dr. Rene Lecuona (piano) and Dr. Courtney Miller (oboe). 


Mady has previously taught private lessons in Iowa City for three years and understands how music education is an individual journey for each student. She is committed to fostering a supportive and inspiring learning environment where students can flourish as a musician and as an individual. Some of the core principles that guide her teaching include creating individual learning experiences, building strong foundations of theory, history, and technique, supporting creativity, and cultivating discipline, resilience, and confidence.

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